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The City Loves You – Recording our new EP

It’s 2016 – finally we realized it. For quite some time we haven’t announced anything new here, which surely wasn’t because nothing happened. In fact we changed a couple of things in organizing our band, so that we’ve got a whole bunch of announcements:

First of all we’re gonna be on some festivals this year, including some nice folk festivals. You can check out our new tour dates on the dates page.

Next big thing: we’ve been recording in early february in the Parhausstudio / Cologne, again with Albert Gabriel, who has recorded our debut album. We’ve managed to record 6 Songs altogether, as you can see in this nice picture:

Recording at Parkhausstudio

Was a great experience not only working with Albert again (which we already had before) or playing altogether (which we also kind of already had done before), but finally recording in a room like that in a surrounding like that with songs we’ve developed a lot for our second release. We’re pretty convinced that the EP will catch the character of us live a bit more.

In addition we’ve started a cooperation last december: Soon to be announced – the Folks of Folk-music in Cologne are gonna unite, and to celebrate this we’ve asked Joon of The Road to join us with violin on the EP. I can tell you that this man’s worth the bottle of whiskey he got (/ will get) for that – had a great session.

The EP’s gonna be released in late may / early june I hope. Since Out of my mind records no longer exists, we’re currently looking for a new label and a distributor.

That’s it so far. Oh, and our next show in Cologne is on 9th of april, we’re gonna be able to present the EP there I guess…

looking forward to that, cheers